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Top 5 Website Mistakes

1 | Optimizing your website Optimise your website images! Uploading images with huge file sizes greatly impacts your website load time. This also impacts both your user experience and your SEO. The average website speeds, should be around 2 seconds or less. How long does it take

J+D Studio Manager

Georgie the Frenchie! Georgia is the Jones+Druce Studio Manager, and is often found snoring her way through the grid of 9 to 5! She is a 17 months old pup, and enjoys the close proximity of the dog park to the office. George has great social and

The Full Time Juggler!

All in the Fam? Mum's the word in my world. I've got three beautiful humans. They each have their own strong personality traits. One of which is creativity. Couldn't be any more proud of this factor. Home for me is Sydney, juggling life with my husband,

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We opened our doors in 2009, after a 10 year stint in digital with the Daily Telegraph – News Australia. Moving from editorial and celebrities, to the ground roots of Australian local small businesses. Here we found passionate entrepreneurs with big dreams and burning desires to succeed. Nothing makes us more happy than watching our clients launch and take flight. We love making your brand kill it!

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