Georgie the Frenchie!

Georgia is the Jones+Druce Studio Manager, and is often found snoring her way through the grid of 9 to 5!
She is a 17 months old pup, and enjoys the close proximity of the dog park to the office.

George has great social and diplomatic skills, which is why she makes the perfect Studio Manager. Her friendly nature and quiet demeanour, allow the studio to run at a creative high level. 

George also maintains a very strict Free range chicken meatball only diet and snacks occasionally on peanuts and anchovies. George likes to head to Clontarf Reserve, Sandy Bay beach on her days off, to mingle with other hardworking k9’s. She loves nothing more to see a fellow Frenchie at the beach.

Her best friend is a blonde Labradoodle, called Winnie! They get on like a house on fire, and make a great team.

Dog-Friendly Sydney Beaches Where You Can Swim With Your Pooch

There’s a big sandy spit, and the water’s pretty shallow, so your pup won’t find itself literally in the deep end. Perfect for the puppies owners to set-up camp on the grassy hill above the beach, it’s a great location to be able to always keep a keen eye on your fury friend. Did I mention, it also has a coffee van for that caffeine hit!

For the Shire community, you know who you are. Just a short ferry ride across from Cronulla and sits almost at the edge of the Royal National Park. In summer, Horderns Beach is a good one for a doggy and human dip. Dogs are allowed off-leash Monday to Friday before 8.30am and after 4.30pm September to April.

Grab a coffee at Chiosco by Ormeggio and let fury baby roam leash-free while you can lounge in the grass. Go for little coastal bush walk or wade into the water to cool down (with your pooch in tow).

Dogs are allowed on the beach off leash on weekdays at all times, and on weekends before 9am and after 4pm — perfect times as to not get too much sun exposure. Plus, the beach marks the beginning of a rather fetching post-swim coastal walk to Bradleys Head.

About J+D

Home for me is Sydney, juggling life with my husband, and three beautiful children not to mention our velvet cushion, ‘Georgie’ the French Bulldog. We are happiest when we are off on an adventure immersing ourselves in new cultures, like a bunch of gypsies. We’ve lived in Beijing the Capital of China, and Hong Kong, the gateway to far flung Asian ports. We loved the expat life and the adventures we found ourselves on.

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